At this point, I imagine that my collection of blog posts, in-class comments, and digital essays has indicated my feelings on digital media. On one hand, the magical benefits and #affordances media grant us are immeasurable. Where would we be today if it weren’t for YouTube and Siri (among so many other innovations)?

But at the same time, I’m a bit cautious to call digital media all fun & games. I worry about the effects– good and bad– it’s having on our relationships and way of life.

For my Final Project, I am hoping to create a compilation of photos based on the work of photographer Eric Pickersgill. Much like Pickersgill’s project, Removed, this series of photos will will make a commentary on “the social and physical implications” of personal devices.

Like Pickersgill’s work, I will feature “individuals who appear to be holding personal devices although the devices have been physically removed from the sitter’s hand.” The subject(s) will be asked to hold the same pose and expression. At the same time that I request they remove their device, I will ask for consent to photograph the scene.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.20.04 PM.png

It is my intention to use Emory students or anyone younger than college-aged whenever possible. I am interested in photographing this age group, as they are often referred to as “digital natives.” I look forward to discussing their opinions on this subject as well.

I guess what I’m seeking to question is what we miss when we’re too busy to look up from our phones? Or who passes us by when we’re signaling to the world that whatever’s on our screen is more important than them? How has society been altered by technology? And what does this mean?


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